Testimonial: Web Presence Builder

We take pride in how easy to you and intuitive the drag and drop Web Presence Builder is to use. Not only are there low cost, affordable options monthly, including a FREE option, but a user of any skill level can build a site. Amyjoy.net is an example of a site built with the Parallels […]

Do You Know What We Host?

Choosing you web host can be a lengthy decision – we have given you lists of services it is important to look for when choosing your host here and here. Once you have your site up, knowing your host is going to continue to support upgraded software is the next important piece. 3essentials continuously adding software upgrades […]

Meet Our New Support Manager Mike

We are so excited to announce that Mike has taken over the position of Support Manager here at 3essentials.  Read on to see his answers to the Employee Questions!   Q.  What is your position at 3e?      …..since??? A. In the fall of 2010 3Essentials opened the front door one morning to find a basket […]

Hybrid Cloud: What is it and What is it Good for?

After the 2008 financial crisis, many enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, slashed their information technology (IT) budgets. As firms became more budget conscious, IT directors were forced to make do with fewer resources, yet meet the demand for more computing power– high-speed connectivity, data-intensive applications, mobile workforce and other needs. As firms […]

It is easy to Start a Hosting Company as Reseller, But Who is Actually Managing the Customer?

On the surface, reseller web hosting presents itself as a flexible, affordable solution for discerning customers looking to establish their web presence.  Reseller web hosting companies are quick to brag about their competitive pricing and customizable control panels, but customers need to be aware of the shortcuts and limitations that exist. In a perfect digital […]

SEO Advantages of a Virtual Server

The temptation to use free web hosting poses several problems to a website owner, especially when it comes to SEO. In fact, it’s a flat out bad idea for entrepreneurs who are serious about their business and seek high search rankings. Despite cutting hosting expenses to or near zero, the main consequences are that the […]

WordPress 3.7 Basie is Here for you to Download

WordPress just celebrated the launch of it’s newest update 3.7 “Basie.” The big news surrounding this new version is that updates will now automatically download in the background, unaffecting your sites and bogs. With all the news surrounding hackers ability to get into about anywhere they want, especially how the majority of WordPress sites are not […]