Windows Phone: BYOD and new features for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s redesign of Windows has also brought back their Windows phone. Left in a cloud of dust by the overnight popularity of Apple’s iPhone and the Blackberry, Windows is bringing it back and much like Windows 8 is touting it as better than ever.

If the design was done well, and many of the old problems were fixed, Windows Phone could prove to solve many problems that corporations have now with employees carrying multiple mobile phones because of poor email exchange set up on Android’s and iPhones and also give employees access to MS Office on their mobiles. One CIO at Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5 said, “To be completely honest, from a business standpoint I’m much more excited to see how Windows 8 Mobile rolls out, along with Surface. With all three platforms: PC, tablet and smartphone all running the same kernel, while also having Active Directory tied in and the controls that come with that, this has incredible potential,” (Bieghle, 2012).

Many of the ideas that are new to Windows 8 on the PC and tablet are also being utilized on Windows Phone 8 as well.  The main change, tiles, will be featured of course. Those tiles will also get surface updates on the lock screen. Microsoft worked with Facebook and Twitter in the design of those apps in order to have that feature. In addition, Microsoft says not to worry, regardless of being the last platform designers have been designing for, there are plenty of popular apps getting rewritten for the Windows Phone. The Data Sense app has been a discussed upgrade as well.  This app was designed to first search for Wi-Fi hotspots for sending data, and second to compress data, saving users money and allowing more data to be sent at the same price point and memory. Like their increased Family Safety features for the PC and tablet, Windows Phone 8 also has Kids Corner, which locks the phone down except for the applications you give access too.

The Windows 8 phones are also much more affordable than the Apple options. The “Big 3,” Verizon, At&T and T-Mobile will all support Microsoft’s attempt at getting competitive in Smartphones, expected pricing between $99.99 and $299.99.


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