Using Plesk with Windows Web Hosting

One of the realities of the ever-developing world of technology is that new terms are constantly being developed to keep pace with advancements. You have probably seen lists of technical features that read like a secret code that you need to crack. If you are looking at Windows web hosting services, then you have likely seen references to something called “Plesk.” Let’s take a moment to explain exactly what Plesk is for those unfamiliar with the term.

How Plesk Works for You

Plesk, or Parallels Plesk Control Panel to use its full name, is a program used by many Windows web hosting providers. As the extended name reveals, it provides a control panel which allows for the creation of new websites. It also allows you to establish email accounts and manage hosted websites. But how does it affect you? Well, Plesk provides a web-based interface through which you can quickly and easily access your website in order to manage web pages, email accounts, passwords, and other features. It also provides an additional level of security for the data accessed through your website. Keep in mind that, while a popular choice, Plesk is just one of many such programs and you should check to see which are supported by your Windows web hosting provider.

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