The Step By Step Process of Using the 3Essentials Web Site Builder

In today´s computerized society, having a web presence is increasingly important, as social media plays more and more of a role in networking, applying for work, or promoting yourself as a professional. Whether you´re trying to get your band off the ground, or just trying to find a way to host your professional portfolio, a website is a must. There are a lot of platforms on which to build a website, but many of them either require a lot of coding which can take years to learn, or advanced website design software that is complicated to use. If you´re looking for something simple, try out the 3essentials design platform and get quick results.

3essentials allows you to start with a basic template, each one cleanly designed for a variety of purposes to best fit the specific needs of different individuals. Whether you have your own small business, or you’re making a site for a hobby, or you’re an artist trying to host your work, there’s a template to suit you. Simply choose the one that’s best and the template will load up. From there, you can customize it to give it a personal touch.

You can alter the general layout and design easily. Your main tool bar is displayed at the top of the screen. Just click on the design tab, and options will pop up. Here you can adjust the width and size of each of the page elements: the header, content, and footer, and add sidebars just by entering numbers and clicking: no code required. The changes will take effect immediately.

After the layout is the way you like it, you can change the design scheme, also under the design tab. You can choose specific colors to build your own color scheme, fonts, and other stylistic elements like the look of the corners and borders on page elements: you can make specific corners rounded, and choose between a number of border styles.

The template includes base images and text in the content area already, and it’s easy to change. Just click on the images or the text boxes, and upload your own images and type in your own text. The website design software lets you add a number of different elements you can add to your page via the modules tab at the top. Just click and drag the element you want. You can add text, images, embedded video, an image gallery, a blog, an online store, ads, and social networking options.

On the pages tab you can add pages to your website, as well as subpages. Options on the right let you change the name, and the page’s web address easily.

Once you have things the way you want them, you can upload your own documents to the site: resumés, or anything else related to your business. Simply click upload and choose what you want from the dialogue box.

There are several further options, including publishing a copy of your site to your Facebook page, embedding Google Analytics to keep track of your site’s statistics and visitors, and advanced options for editing HTML yourself and other metadata.

Monthly fees start at $7.95 per month. With a membership you get access to professional support 24 hours a day, 5GB of storage, the option to add your own domain name, and the option to add mailboxes to your website.

You can try out this website design software for free, and within minutes you’ll be on your way to building your own webpage.

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