The Importance of Good DotNetNuke Hosting Providers: Why 3Essentials Stands out

Plenty of small business owners online have discovered the benefits of DotNetNuke (DNN) over the years. This open-source web content management system offers a lot of versatility along with a framework that makes it relatively simple for newcomers to set up advanced sites. DNN may not be as popular as WordPress, but a webmaster can do far more with it, especially thanks to its robust plugin system.
However, your DotNetNuke setup is only going to be as good as its web host. Since DNN users need space for both their webpage and their SQL databases, reliable web hosting is a necessity for a successful DNN website.
What should a small business owner look for in website hosting? Let’s take a look, and see why 3Essentials is among the leaders in the industry.
What To Look For In A Superior DotNetNuke Hosting Company
•Experience. Web hosts these days are a dime a dozen, especially as virtual servers allow even low-end vendors to offer plenty of service. However, what far too many web hosts lack these days is experience. There are a lot of Johnnies-Come-Lately, and relatively few with a real track record of results. However, 3Essentials has been in business for over a decade and has been successfully hosting great websites long before hosting became a boom industry.
•Testimonials. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. A lot of web hosts have testimonial pages that only have a handful of items. 3Essentials, however, has hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers, dating back to 2003! That’s a lot of satisfied clients, and very few dissatisfied ones. That 3Essentials also routinely makes it to the top of lists of Best Web Hosts further shows their commitment to quality.
•Customer service. Business owners hate giving up control of anything, but it’s an unfortunate necessity when it comes to web hosting. Unless someone actually owns their own servers -an expensive proposition- they have to trust their web host to keep them running. Having 24×7 customer service is a necessity, and 3Essentials delivers on that note as well. If a customer has trouble, day or night, 3Essentials is reachable via phone, email, or online chat. Even companies on the other side of the world can still receive reliable service.
•System up-time. If a webpage isn’t accessible, it isn’t going to make the owner much money. The goal of most web hosts is to have 100% network up-time, and four nines -99.99%- server up-time. This is a goal 3Essentials regularly meets, and even exceeds… and it’s backed up by a money-back guarantee.
•Pricing plans that fit. Pricing is one of the hardest elements to pin down in web hosting because, most of the time, it really is a “get what you pay for” situation. Cut rate hosts generally deliver mediocre service and unreliable support. 3Essentials seeks to offer tiered plans that meet the needs of as many businesses as possible, priced at the ‘sweet spot’ where they can still offer robust support without breaking the budget of small businesses.
•Independence. Far too many web hosting companies these days are paid for through loans or venture capital that must be repaid. This makes them shaky partners. If times get tough, they could vanish or come under new management without any warning. 3Essentials is 100% independently owned and operated with no debt overhead, so their longevity is nearly assured.
In short, 3Essentials is among the top names in small business DotNetNuke hosting. We heartily recommend anyone looking for a new DNN host to see everything 3Essentials has to offer!

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