The Breakdown on Blacklisting

Hosting your site on a shared server is a cost effective way to host. At 3essentials, shared prices are typically our lowest, starting at $4/month. When you have a site located on a shared server, you share IP addresses with the other sites on that server. If one of those sites sends out spam, that IP address can be Blacklisted, recipients of the spam can block all mail from that IP, so any site on that server can have their mail blocked. Here is an example: Grandma’s Knitting and Craig’s Art Design websites are on the same server. Craig spams all of his email contacts. No one likes to get spam, so half of his recipients blacklist the IP his spam is coming from. Now, when Grandma goes to email her client list, some of it bounces back because they were associated with the same IP as Craig.

There is a way to get around this and stay on the Shared Server system. We can dedicate an IP address to you so your email doesn’t get Blacklisted for a low monthly fee. Contact our Support Department through Chat, Ticket, or a Phone Call and we can set it up today!

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