Testimonial: Web Presence Builder

We take pride in how easy to you and intuitive the drag and drop Web Presence Builder is to use. Not only are there low cost, affordable options monthly, including a FREE option, but a user of any skill level can build a site.

Amyjoy.net is an example of a site built with the Parallels WPB. I had a chance to speak with Bill who designed the site himself.

“My daughter’s college graduation was coming up, and I like to be prepared so friends and family know where to go, when for the ceremony, and hopefully not be frantically relying on my daughter to herd them around. This is her day to shine, summa cum laude, and I want her to enjoy it without needing to be a social director. So I decided to build a web site with all of the information about graduation day, from directions to parking tips to what happens if it rains (outdoor ceremony) and where we will meet afterward for lunch.

I already know 3essentials as a professional and reliable hosting service. I chose a Site Builder account because I wanted an easy way to quickly set up a site without the technical considerations needed to build a more traditional web site. Site Builder was quick and easy. It took me about three hours to complete the project. I could have done it in much less time, but I’m a little OCD about some things. Site Builder accommodated my OCD-ness, and my daughter is delighted with the result.”

Thank you Bill for sharing!


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