Relax…Our fully managed Servers cover everything you need

As we progress technologically as a society, more of our lives are being placed online. Many businesses that never would have thought they needed a website now find themselves behind the curve without one. The quality and quantity of information and files have increased to the point that one may find it difficult to host a website from their own machines. Gone are the days of Geocities webpages; modern, business-producing websites are packed with features and designs that need a more robust hosting solution. Or maybe someone could be an individual running a smaller site, maybe for personal gain. Whatever the data storage and security needs of a website, the chances are they could benefit from utilizing a server.

The question that naturally arises at this point is what kind of server does one need? There are several types or configurations, but the easiest and most secure for end users is a fully managed server. This option is the easiest because put simply, the company hosting the server is also conducting all of the security and upkeep on the information. Daily backups? Check. Security and virus scanning? Double check.

The biggest cost savings of a fully managed server is the electricity cost. The monthly rate paid for the hosting includes the power bill, which can mean substantial savings. In today’s always-on Internet, there will always be a need to have access to information when it is needed. Even in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, the data center has backup power generation capability providing a steady, uninterruptible supply of power. Running a server yourself can generate some pretty hefty power costs, but not with a fully managed server.

Another key concern when hosting a website or information offline is access. What good is having all of the required information in one place if it is difficult to access? That is covered as well. Using multiple Tier1 providers, there will always be a fast, reliable connection to the server.

As far as support goes, a fully managed server comes complete with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online access to support technicians. They are available via live online chat or email to assist with any problems or issues with the server. To ensure hiccups don’t become problems, the servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The servers are better supervised and looked after than some people’s children.

The benefits of having a fully managed server far outweigh the cost. The technical support, online storage space, power savings, security and virus protection, and the easy piece of mind that comes with are without equal. Once you start using a managed server, chances are you won’t ever want to manage your own again.

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