Mitchel Sellers New DNN Blog Has a NuGet Center

Today, as with every blog post, we aim to present you with relevant & topical 3e-news, profiles, tips and industry-trends. That is why today we take great pride in a feature-blog from industry leader, DNN architect, and self-professed “Computer Guru”, Mitchel Sellers.

In the IT world, knowledge and experience speak for themselves, and Mitchel Sellers needs no ‘at-a-boy’ nudge or ‘pat on the back’ from us. We are however, happy to recognize, simply put, a job well-done. In his second installment of the blog-series, “Enterprise Extension Development with DNN: Part Two”, Sellers emphasizes the importance of ‘development environment’ and ‘development structure’ for projects utilizing official DNN packages via

The blog asserts DNN-packages to be a compatible, non-installation specific templates, which do not require download of the platform. NuGet packages allow for multi-user connectivity, & convenience-development, ‘without needing to set up that full development environment’.

So what this means, compatible project structure, or DNN module development templates, are a necessary foundation for enterprise grade-projects that otherwise require you and future developers to download individual pieces of DNN code needed in order to compile the necessary custom extension(s).

In addition to that, we get to say things like, “get your ‘ready-already’ coding already, and come meet us after work for a pint.”

The DNN packages, and ‘Seller’s the solution, are available via Create a faster setup for your development system as well as the intended and future-developers of your next ‘big project’. Be sure to reference Mitchel’s first blog, in this series, to read up on all you can on NuGet packages and the supported versions of DNN.


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