Meet Support Superhero Mike in this week’s Family Friday

Happy Friday to all. This week we want to introduce you to Mike Hobbs who works on our support team. This obvious computer fan is also a big hockey fanatic who he has proven to be an excellent addition to our 3essentials family.


Q.  What is your position at 3e?…..since???

A. I am a Tier 1 Support Technician since May of 2013.


Q.  What do you like about your job?

A.   I enjoy working with a variety of hardware and software platforms and our staff here at 3E is incredible.  It makes coming to work exciting every day.


Q. If you didn’t work for 3e what would you want to do?

A. I would love to work for a professional sports organization.  Sports bring so much joy and excitement to people and it would be fun to be a part of that.


Q. When you aren’t at work, what do you like to do?

A.  I love going to Carolina Hurricanes hockey games.  Live hockey is the best.


Q. If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

A. The power to fly.  That would be awesome.


Q. What’s your favorite techie toy? Tablet? Phone? Software?

A. The iPad is my favorite techie toy.  It replaces my need for a laptop.




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