Meet Support Superhero Josh!

Ready to meet Josh? He is one of our Tier 2 Support staff and has been with 3essentials for 4 years now. When he isn’t at work he enjoy traveling and aspiring to be an astronaut when he grows up. Read on to find out his coveted super power!


Q.  What is your position at 3e?      …..since???

A. I came to 3Essentials in 2009 and my primary role is serving as a member of the second tier of our support team.  I also occasionally work on other projects.


Q.  What do you like about your job?

A. There is always the opportunity to work on something new.  Technology is constantly changing and there is always room for improvement.  3Essentials really gives you the ability to work in lots of different areas of the IT field.


Q. If you didn’t work for 3e what would you want to do?

A. Just like many children under the age of ten, I want be an astronaut.  Honestly, who doesn’t want to be an astronaut?


Q. When you aren’t at work, what do you like to do?

A. I like to watch movies and read (primarily science fiction, documentaries or things about science).  I enjoy bicycle rides and travelling when I can.  I think I’m one of the few people that enjoys the actual trip and not just the destination.  I like riding trains, being at the airport, flying and occasionally even a long drive.


Q. If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

A. I agree with Damon that teleportation is the best choice, but how comprehensive your teleportation abilities are would make a big difference.  I would certainly prefer to be able to teleport not just myself, but also objects (including clothes, because you probably don’t want to show up naked everywhere) and maybe even other people.  You could definitely make a lot of people at the airport happy when flights are delayed.


Q. What’s your favorite techie toy? Tablet? Phone? Software?

A. I like my Kindle because it’s easy to carry around and the e-ink screen is a lot easier to look at than most tablets.

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