Meet Support Superhero Damon

Damon has been with 3essentials since the very beginning. He is lucky enough to be living on the coast of North Carolina close to the beautiful shore and is apparently ready to take Chase on as our resident foodie. Read a bit about Damon in today’s #FamilyFriday #FF.

Q.  What is your position at 3e?      …..since???

A. I’ve been with 3Essentials since 2004, almost since the beginning.  I’m the second longest term 3Essentials employee other than our founder, Geoff Gauldin.  I’ve worn a few hats during that time, but currently my primary responsibilities are as a member of our technical support’s Tier2/3 team and as customer service manager.


Q.  What do you like about your job?

A.   It’s never boring.  But I probably like training support team members the most.  I enjoy it when we have new team members, I’ve covered the whiteboard with diagrams and explanations, and someone in the room goes “ohh….. THAT’S how that works!”    I like seeing the light bulb come on.


Q. If you didn’t work for 3e what would you want to do?

A.  I’d run a restaurant with my wife, which she’s done for 25 years.  We both consider ourselves foodies.  In fact, I take umbrage at our previous profile of Chase as our resident foodie!  I’m a decade older than Chase, and therefore have been consuming food for a decade longer… and my waistline clearly reflects that fact.  Surely that qualifies me!


Q. When you aren’t at work, what do you like to do?

A. My wife and I seek out unique culinary experiences.  Quite often we’ll make a pilgrimage to cities within reach of a day trip just to try something new and unique.  Whether it’s a little mom and pop shop that sources all of their meat from local beef and hog farmers or a small Mexican carniceria that makes their Carnitas with the original Michoacan recipe, we’re game.


Q. If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?

A. I think teleportation.  As a kid, I thought the teleportation ability of X-Men’s Nightcrawler was pretty weak.   But then I saw it on full display in the opening scene of the second X-Men movie, where he penetrated White House security to get a warning to the President…  it was ridiculously cool.  Teleportation was also awesomely exercised in the movie Jumper.  Those two movies made me realize there’s something pretty kick-ass about transporting anywhere in an instant by simply thinking about it.  In fact, I think I’ll pop over to Italy for some pistachio gelato.  POOF!!!

Q. What’s your favorite techie toy? Tablet? Phone? Software?

A. I’m pretty enamored with my Samsung Galaxy S3 currently.  I hate how bulky my otter box makes it, but unfortunately, I have an incurable case of the dropsies.

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