Managed Servers: Choosing a Shared or Dedicated Server

There are two main options to consider when choosing between managed servers for your business. You have the option to select either a shared server or a dedicated server. These are exactly what they sound like: Shared servers are servers which host multiple websites, while dedicated servers are reserved for your use only. Each has its own advantages, and they should be carefully considered before you make your choice.

Shared Servers versus Dedicated Servers

A major reason to go with a shared server is the much lower cost. As with anything, whether it be rent or eating out, the more people there are to split the cost, the less you will pay personally. The drawbacks are that shared server resources mean a slower response time for your website, and that every website on the server will share the same IP address. However, these disadvantages can be mitigated – a good hosting provider for your managed servers will keep the number of sites on a server to a minimum to prevent slowdown. It is also possible to buy a dedicated IP.

The big benefit of a dedicated server is that it’s all for you! You won’t have to worry about slowdown or limits on your usage. Dedicated servers also allow you the freedom to install whatever applications you want without worrying about space. Naturally, this better performance comes at a higher price. Generally, smaller businesses will find a shared server to be a better option, with dedicated servers being the choice for those with large, heavy traffic websites.

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