Managed Servers Are One Option Available with Dedicated Servers

There are hosted server solutions available for businesses that need access to a network server, but do not want to purchase their own server. These solutions include shared servers, virtual servers, and dedicated servers. A shared server solution means that you have bought dedicated space on a server, but do not have complete access to all of the server space and server resources.

Other businesses will also lease space on the same server. A virtual solution is similar to a shared solution, except you have more dedicated space, and there are fewer organizations that share your server space. Dedicated servers give you complete access to the entire server with the added bonus of not having toshare any space or resources with any other organization. With dedicated solutions, you have two options available to choose from, unmanaged or managed servers.

Managed Servers Require Less Maintenance than Unmanaged Servers

The major difference between managed servers and unmanaged servers is the amount of maintenance you are required to perform. With unmanaged servers, you are responsible for handling the majority of the server’s maintenance on your own. This means you have to perform anti-virus updates and make sure your data is properly backed up, as well as any other tasks that are necessary to keep the server in working order. An unmanaged server basically receives the same amount of maintenance as an in-house company server, that is to say, it’s all in the hands of you or your IT tech. A server managed by a hosting provider eliminates the need to perform many of these normal routine maintenance tasks.

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