Managed Cloud Servers – Isolation and Guaranteed Resources

3essentials is a leader in the hosting marketplace, offering solutions ranging from low cost shard hosting to cloud servers and hybrid-cloud solutions.  We offer solutions that vary in price and feature.  This blog post aims to assist business owners and developers alike with understanding the value of isolation and Guaranteed Resources as it relates to Managed Cloud Servers.

Business Websites can benefit from Isolation from other resources usages such as other customer web sites, or cloud apps.  The benefit is clear; the sites that have isolation are not affected by resource constraints caused by media/PR spikes, buggy website code, hacking, or spamming.  Nothing is shared.  Reference: “Shared Hosting – Why Your Business Needs Isolation

If another site has a spike in traffic (from marketing initiatives …etc) then their increased resource usage will not affect the performance of your site or services.

Isolation can be implemented as a Virtual or Dedicated Server.  Virtual Cloud Servers achieve isolation through a “thin” software layer called a Hyper Visor.  This allows multiple Operating Systems, such as Linux or Windows to access the same physical hardware at the same time, but not “share” the CPU or RAM with each other.  Each Operating System has it’s own allocation or piece of the CPU and RAM and is Isolated from the other Operating Systems.  This isolation allows 3essentials to offer a dedicated OS to you at lower pricing than that of a physical server.  The great thing about Virtual Servers and Isolation is that should your server need more resources, they can be applied with a simple click of the mouse.  There are other advantages that are outside the scope of this blog.

Guaranteed CPU
Unlike low cost shared hosting solutions, Virtual Servers have a Guaranteed CPU allocated to them.  So, another site on a different virtual server will not affect the CPU Performance of your server. Depending on how your virtual server is setup, a quick restart may be required.

Guaranteed RAM
Much like the CPU item, Virtual Servers are assigned an amount of RAM that is guaranteed.  Should your server need more RAM, then it’s as easy as changing the setting in the software menu and giving more RAM to your server.  Depending on how your virtual server is setup, a quick restart may be required.  This usually takes minutes, not hours as required with Dedicated Servers or with Shared hosting when your site is performing slowly while technical support is trying to find which site is causing the performance issue.

IP Address Isolation
Each Virtual Server is assigned it’s own unique dedicated IP Address.  This solves the problem where other users email practices cause the IP Address to get blacklisted.  Only your sites use this IP Address.

In closing, Virtual servers provide better isolation, guaranteed performance and are more flexible than shared hosting.  With price points starting as low as a smartphone plan, the choice is clear for business owners wanting the best mix of performance, reliability and price.

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