Important Factors in Choosing a Hosting Provider

Recently the DailyHostNews published an article titled 8 Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host.  The article outlines the importance of finding the best webhost for your company to create and improve an online presence.

  1. Price: The cheapest plan may save money up front, but being the cheapest doesn’t mean being the best plan that fits the needs of your company. DHN suggests that the most expensive fits that same mold. When searching for a hosting company, it is important to know what specifics the plans offers and find a company that offers a solution in that price range. At 3essentials, there is a broad range in price points dependent on the amount of resources necessary. The Sales and Billing team can help direct you to a plan that best suites web site needs.
  2. Tech Support: The ability to reach a support team member when there is an issue is imperative for anyone hiring a hosting company. 3essentials has 24x7x365 chat and ticket support for all of our customers. Each issue is given attention and resources until 3essentials can diagnose the problem. 100% Customer satisfaction is always our top priority!
  3. Software: This topic is very broad in nature.   3essentials offers services on a sliding scale that include Website Design via a Web Browser, such as our WebPresence Builder platform (no coding experience needed) up to more advanced design using Dreamweaver and FTP.  Our platforms also support the popular CMS/Blog software such as WordPress and DNN.  As the article references, email is now a required service and 3essentials supports all email protocols, including SMTP, POP, IMAP, Webmail and the soon to be available Exchange Active Sync with Collaboration.  All plans allow for growth and our customers can grow from Shared hosting to Virtual or Dedicated Cloud servers with more resources. 3essentials has 65,000 email accounts under management.
  4. Data Transfer: Being able to move information from place to place is data transfer, and DHN suggests choosing the company that gives the highest amount. Data transfer at 3Essentials is tiered, beginning at 1TB and grows to 6TB; additional space and transfer can be added on as needed with certain plans.
  5. Reputation: A reputable company has many current customers who have given testimonials that are reachable by prospective clients, as well as people in internet forums giving their opinion of the company. There are many testimonials available for clients to read on the 3Essentials Facebook Page or the 3Essentials Website.
  6. Server Space: Server space comprises these areas. 1. Web space which is the space for your website files. 2. Database space which is the space for any databases that you have servicing your website. 3. Mail space which is the space for storing your email messages and attachments. 3essentials has plans that come with varying amounts of email accounts. The number of email accounts needed depends on your email requirements. We have email plans that are suited for larger organizations and their usage demands.
  7. Mailing Script: 3essentials hosting platforms allow for the use of custom mailing scripts using various different scripting technologies such as PHP, ASP.NET, and CGI. However, if you choose to use some of the popular web software such as WordPress and DNN, or even our own WebPresence Builder, you can send emails from your webpages without the need to write custom scripts.
  8. Features: Additional features that a company offers can help a company grow and acquire a customer base faster. The WebPresence Builder tool 3essentials offers starts at $7.95/month and gives customers the ability to check analytics, create mobile versions of the site and we offer one click app installs for our cloud servers.
  9. We feel as though the DHN blog failed to address one of the most important aspects of hosting: Backup. When there is a need to recover your files (and we stress WHEN not if) it will be too late for recovery if you haven’t prepared a backup plan. When you contact 3essentials about our services, ask about your options to back up your data.

It is the vision of 3essentials to supply our customers and potential customers with dynamic solutions. The dedication to complete satisfaction as well as our desire to offer the latest technologies to our customers at affordable price points should put us at the top of your list when choosing a hosting provider. Check out our Facebook and Twitter to see our customer interactions as well as our growing Knowledgebase that answers many questions and provides a wealth of information. Feel free to start a chat or give us a call. We are looking forward to talking to you about a solution that will help grow your business today!



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