How to add a DNS record in Plesk 12

Adding a DNS record in Plesk 12 can be completed in a few easy steps:

1. Login to the Plesk control.

2. Find the domain on which you'd like to add/alter a DNS record.

3. You may need to click "Show More" button in Plesk to see the full list of options under your domain.

4. Click on the DNS Settings button.

5. Click on an existing record if you'd like to modify it or click on the "Add Record" button to add a completely new record.

6. Fill in the details of the new record and click OK to save the changes.

7. You'll see a message from Plesk asking you to confirm that you'd like to apply the changes to your DNS zone. Click "Update" to save the changes.


The video below provides an example of how to create a TXT record

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