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Installing DNN 7 can be streamlined to make the process faster.  In this article we will show how to install DNN using the Plesk App installer.  The one downside to the Plesk App installer for DNN is that DNN doesn't package the latest version.  We will still use the installer to do the heavy lifting, then perform a quick and easy manual step to upgrade.

This procedure works for Plesk 11.5 and higher on a new vanilla install of DNN.  Migrations of existing DNN sites would possibly require additional steps.

Login to Plesk and install DNN that comes with the Plesk App installer.  See Video #1 Below


Video #1 Installing DNN

Now that we have DNN installed.  We want to upgrade it to the latest version.

1. Go to DNNsoftware.com and download the upgrade version.   URL: http://www.dnnsoftware.com/community/download
Choose the "Upgrade Package"
2. Upload it to your httpdocs folder on your Cloud Server. You can use FTP or Plesk File Manager. We show you how in the video below using the Plesk File Manager
3. RDP to your Cloud Server and unzip the upgrade package. We do it on the server because Plesk doesn't always perform the unzip function correctly.

See video below on how to do this.


Video #2 Upgrading DNN

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