DotNetNuke Hosting Is Available on All Types of Windows Hosting Plans

DotNetNuke hosting is a type of web hosting solution you will need when you use DotNetNuke. DotNetNuke support can be found with all different types of Windows web hosting plans. DotNetNuke support is also available with virtual server hosting and managed server hosting. The thing to remember with virtual servers and managed servers is that they do not have to contain your website. Instead, they could be your development servers, and you could have a specific hosting plan just for your website. This allows you to develop and create new web pages and applications using your virtual server or manager server, and test them, before publishing them to your hosted web server.

DotNetNuke Hosting Support Is Required for Web Pages Created with DotNetNuke

Unlike other types of web development languages and tools, DotNetNuke does not require you to know detailed programming information. Different web development programming languages can be confusing, in order for you to remember where to put different symbols and what type of text you need to enter, to get the web page to work correctly. With DotNetNuke, you get around having to know web development programming languages. Instead, you just drag, drop and enter text wherever you want it on your web page. DotNetNuke remembers this and automatically converts what you enter on your web page into usable web programming language formats. Once you have finished creating your web pages with DotNetNuke, you can upload them to your web server, if it has support for DotNetNuke hosting.


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