Do You Know What We Host?

Choosing you web host can be a lengthy decision – we have given you lists of services it is important to look for when choosing your host here and here. Once you have your site up, knowing your host is going to continue to support upgraded software is the next important piece. 3essentials continuously adding software upgrades to the platforms that we host, we are doing the thinking so you don’t have to.

Helping you grow your small business is what we are all about, and helping you find your essentials for growth, a functional website, and staying current are what makes 3essentials stand out.

Did you know that we keep up with all the different versions of PHP and MS SQL? We support PHP 5.4.25 and 5.3.3 for cPanel and MySQL version 5.5.35 is included with our cPanel installs for Linux. If you are looking to update your version, contact the 3e Support team today. We are here to help you get the process started!

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