DNN installation options

3essentials customers have two options when choosing to install DotNetNuke Software (DNN); You can install DNN yourself (self-installation) or ask 3Essentials to perform the install.

DNN Self Installation

Installing From Plesk Control Panel

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Installing on Windows Directly

Obtain the DNN install package from dnnsoftware.com and follow their installation instructions.

3essentials Free DNN installation

The 3essentials support team will gladly install the current, latest stable release of DNN on your site for you at no charge at your request. 


  1. We can only perform this as a new/fresh installation, with a new/empty database.
  2. We only perform DNN installations on platforms that run Plesk, such as our Shared and VPS platforms.

To request us to perform a DNN installation on your site for you, please submit a support request using the template below after reviewing the following bullets/considerations:

ROOT or SUBFOLDER installation:

  • ROOT installation places DNN at the root of your site, i.e.: www.mydomain.com
  • SUBFOLDER installation places DNN within a subfolder on your site, i.e., www.mydomain.com/somefolder
    • Many customers ask for a subfolder installation (www.domain.com/somefolder), and then immediately after want to make that DNN installation accessible as www.domain.com… they do this by putting a index.html or index.asp file with a redirect in their www.domain.com location, which redirects all visitors to www.domain.com/somefolder.  This works, however it can have negative consequences in your search engine rankings (with google, yahoo, etc).  As such, we strongly recommend you think about your site structure before you make this request.  If you don’t intend to have a actual website content at www.domain.com, and your main site would actually be at www.domain.com/dnn, it would be a better idea to simply have the DNN installation put in your website ROOT to begin with.

Also note that your domain limits must have 1 available MSSQL database, as we will be creating a new/fresh MSSQL database for DNN installation. 

DNN Installation request template:

Please install DNN on my site. 

Domain name:

[_] DNN Version 9.  The latest stable release
[_] DNN Version 8.  The latest stable release
[_] DNN Version 7. The latest stable release
Installation Directory:
[_] ROOT (most common)
By selecting ROOT, I understand that 3Essentials we will be placing files in your website root (httpdocs) folder, and subfolders as part of the installation.  If I have folders and files of the same name, they will be OVERWRITTEN as part of the installation. 
[_] SUBFOLDER  (least common).  Subfolder to install to: _____________
By selecting SUBFOLDER installation,  I understand that 3Essentials we will create the subfolder if it doesn’t exist, and if it does exist, I understand 3Essentials will be placing files into that folder and creating/populating subfolders under it as part of the installation.  If I have folders and files of the same name, they will be OVERWRITTEN as part of the installation. 
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