Deploying a WordPress SSD Cloud Hosting Template

When you initially purchase a WordPress SSD Cloud Hosting Plan, the WordPress installation and configuration is done for you.  However, if you want to re-deploy your template again, it's easy to do so and here are the steps.

Start by re-installing your cloud server in vPanel (

From vPanel Select your Cloud Server and click the Manage Arrow (=>)
Click the OS Reinstall icon under Advanced Options
Click the Other OS Icon
Select the "WordPress-LAMP-CentOS-NoPanel.img Template
Enter in your new Root password and click Reinstall

This will reinstall the OS.  Once the OS has finished installing, login via SSH with your new root password.

Open vi editor and create this script

cd /home/wordp1/public_html
chmod u+x

The script will ask for the domain name and the WordPress admin email for the WordPress install.
If you do not want to use a domain name, then enter the  IP Address of your Cloud Server

When finished you will receive a message with login information for WordPress, SFTP, and MySQL root.
That's it, your new WordPress Cloud Template has been deployed.

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