Which DNS Name Servers to use?

NS1.3essentials.com NS2.3essentials.com 3essentials provides two slave name servers.  Your cPanel, or Plesk server will act as the Master name server where you add, edit and delete specific DNS records. Set your domain registration (point your domain) to use these salve name servers listed above. After the domain is added to cPanel, or Plesk you need […]

How do I use TweetAdder with my new Virtual Desktop?

Review these videos on how to: These videos are for connecting from a PC, but the process will be the same for a Mac. You can get an RDP Client for a Mac at https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/microsoft-remote-desktop/id715768417 Connect to your VPS/Virtual Desktop Import your TweetAdder configuration from your computer to your VPS/Virtual Desktop Transfer files from your […]

How to access your cloud server with Root or Admin Credentials

Windows Cloud Servers HOW TO START RDP ON A PC (XP/VISTA/7/8) – From your Windows 7 desktop, Click the Start button – Click the “Run” menu option – type ‘mstsc’ (without the ‘ quotes) and press ENTER on your keyboard – Enter your Server Name, username and password (listed above).  Note:  You may be prompted […]