Windows Web Hosting Q&A – Shared or VPS

James C (10:53:40) : Hi Mark N.! Thank you for contacting 3Essentials. How may I assist you today ? Mark N. (10:54:30) : I have been looking at the options you offer and have a few questions James C (10:55:03) : Sure. What can I answer for you? Mark N. (10:55:47) : We have one […]

Performance tuning for based sites including DNN

The following are possible causes for the  slow performance of sites (including DNN sites): Slow initial page load (applies to any based site, including DNN) JIT Compilation delays: Each site site is configured with it’s own application pool, which spins off a worker process, the host process for your site’s code (whether ASP, […]

Using Plesk with Windows Web Hosting

One of the realities of the ever-developing world of technology is that new terms are constantly being developed to keep pace with advancements. You have probably seen lists of technical features that read like a secret code that you need to crack. If you are looking at Windows web hosting services, then you have likely […]

Build Your Site with Windows Web Hosting

It is only natural, given how common the Internet is in our everyday lives, to want to set up your own website for either business or personal reasons. However, if it is your first time creating a website, then the process may seem a little daunting. There are two things that you need to do […]

What Does Windows Hosting Mean to You?

What does the term Windows hosting mean to you? It depends on the person and how much technical knowledge they possess. Some people may respond that this type of hosting is needed in order to have a website. Other people may respond that it is a type of hosting where you access Windows applications online. […]

Set Up Your Virtual Shopping Store with Windows Web Hosting

Thanks to the internet, many more people are able to start their own virtual businesses. They can offer different products and services for sale directly online. There are no expenses associated with having to open a physical retail location, carry large inventories, or hire employees. Setting up your own virtual shopping store does require you […]

Windows Hosting Solutions Are Available for Both Commercial and Private Usage

There are different types of Windows hosting solutions available for both commercial and private usage. You can find virtual Windows servers, virtual Windows desktops, shared Windows servers, and dedicated Windows servers. Between these solutions you will also have to decide if you require managed or unmanaged services. Managed services are where the provider takes care […]