The Breakdown on Blacklisting

Hosting your site on a shared server is a cost effective way to host. At 3essentials, shared prices are typically our lowest, starting at $4/month. When you have a site located on a shared server, you share IP addresses with the other sites on that server. If one of those sites sends out spam, that […]

Shared Hosting – Why Your Business Needs Isolation

3essentials is a leader in the hosting marketplace, offering solutions ranging from low cost shared hosting to cloud servers and hybrid-cloud solutions.  We offer solutions that vary in price and feature.  This blog post aims to assist business owners and developers alike with understanding the value of isolation as it relates to Shared Hosting. Shared […]

Managed Servers: Choosing a Shared or Dedicated Server

There are two main options to consider when choosing between managed servers for your business. You have the option to select either a shared server or a dedicated server. These are exactly what they sound like: Shared servers are servers which host multiple websites, while dedicated servers are reserved for your use only. Each has […]