How to upgrade DNN

In general, upgrading DNN (DotNetNuke) is a straightforward process. It is accomplished simply by copying the files for a new version over the top of an existing version and allowing the application to guide you through the upgrade. Having said that, there are of course lots of specific scenarios, consideration of 3rd party or custom […]

Windows Web Hosting Q&A – Shared or VPS

James C (10:53:40) : Hi Mark N.! Thank you for contacting 3Essentials. How may I assist you today ? Mark N. (10:54:30) : I have been looking at the options you offer and have a few questions James C (10:55:03) : Sure. What can I answer for you? Mark N. (10:55:47) : We have one […]

DNN installation options

3essentials customers have two options when choosing to install DotNetNuke Software (DNN); You can install DNN yourself (self-installation) or ask 3Essentials to perform the install. DNN Self Installation Installing From Plesk Control Panel Watch Video Installing on Windows Directly Obtain the DNN install package from and follow their installation instructions. 3essentials Free DNN installation The 3essentials […]

Performance tuning for based sites including DNN

The following are possible causes for the  slow performance of sites (including DNN sites): Slow initial page load (applies to any based site, including DNN) JIT Compilation delays: Each site site is configured with it’s own application pool, which spins off a worker process, the host process for your site’s code (whether ASP, […]

Domain Registration vs Transfer vs Delegation

DOMAIN REGISTRATION To get a site up on the Internet you first need to have your domain name (let’s say “”) registered with an Internet/Domain Name Registrar. “Registering” the domain name reserves it for your use (some people say you’re “buying” the name, but in reality, it’s more like leasing… it gets reserved for your […]

New! Affordable Low Cost SSD Servers

Only $4 Per Month Today 3essentials announced a new affordable low cost SSD Server.  For only $4 per month our Cloud Customers can deploy a Server based on our SSD Cloud Storage.  The server comes with 512 MB RAM, 1 Core Processor, and a Whopping 20 GB of SSD Cloud Storage. Our goal with this […]

Rethink Your ASP.NET, DNN or WordPress Website Backups for 2015

When thinking of a ASP.NET Website and how to maintain good backups, the platform you choose is key to the success of rock solid backups and restores.  We will examine three different platforms and their PRO’s and CON’s for backups. “Cloud Snapshots provide the best mixture of disaster recovery and timely restores from a snapshot.” […]