Build Your Site with Windows Web Hosting

It is only natural, given how common the Internet is in our everyday lives, to want to set up your own website for either business or personal reasons. However, if it is your first time creating a website, then the process may seem a little daunting. There are two things that you need to do to get started in crafting your own little corner of the Internet: Register a domain name for your website and secure hosting services through a Windows web hosting provider. These initial steps can become complicated, since they can be done separately through different companies.

Take the Steps to Get Your Website Started

The first step in building your home on the Internet is to register a domain name with an Internet/domain name registrar. A domain name is the address people will use to find your website, such as “” Once this name has been reserved for your use, the second step is to select a Windows web hosting provider for your website. The host provides a server on which all the data for your website will be stored. You can then inform the registrar where your website is being hosted so that the domain name you have registered will direct to your hosted site. If you have completed these steps, then congratulations! You now have a home on the Internet and can proceed to design and build your very own website!


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