Can I Use Windows Hosting for Virtual Office Solutions?

You can use Windows hosting for virtual office solutions. When you want to be able to access your work information from any internet connected computer, you will need a virtual desktop solution. This type of solution allows you to have all of your applications and data stored online on a secure server. Whenever you need […]

What Does Windows Hosting Mean to You?

What does the term Windows hosting mean to you? It depends on the person and how much technical knowledge they possess. Some people may respond that this type of hosting is needed in order to have a website. Other people may respond that it is a type of hosting where you access Windows applications online. […]

Set Up Your Virtual Shopping Store with Windows Web Hosting

Thanks to the internet, many more people are able to start their own virtual businesses. They can offer different products and services for sale directly online. There are no expenses associated with having to open a physical retail location, carry large inventories, or hire employees. Setting up your own virtual shopping store does require you […]

Windows Hosting Solutions Are Available for Both Commercial and Private Usage

There are different types of Windows hosting solutions available for both commercial and private usage. You can find virtual Windows servers, virtual Windows desktops, shared Windows servers, and dedicated Windows servers. Between these solutions you will also have to decide if you require managed or unmanaged services. Managed services are where the provider takes care […]

Windows Hosting Can Help Get Access to Newer Technologies

Justifying technology improvements can be difficult for an IT manager. They have to deal with people, whose primary focus is on the financial side of the business. Finance employees have the responsibility to make sure expenses are controlled while at the same ensuring the company is profitable. Getting them to sign off on major system […]

Best Reasons to go With DotNetNuke Hosting

If you have been told that you should go with DotNetNuke hosting and are not sure why, let alone what DotNetNuke is, then it may be time to do a bit of reading. DotNetNuke the best open source CMS for Windows Platforms and the best platform for businesses. Just this alone is reason enough for […]

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