In the last few weeks there have been many headlines warning the public about major internet security breaches. U.S. Bank, PNC and Wells Fargo may have all been victims of a cyber-attack. The week before that headline was splashed on news sites, the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a group devoted to sharing […]

Using Plesk with Windows Web Hosting

One of the realities of the ever-developing world of technology is that new terms are constantly being developed to keep pace with advancements. You have probably seen lists of technical features that read like a secret code that you need to crack. If you are looking at Windows web hosting services, then you have likely […]

Where’s Daddy? Cloud Down? What?

With the rapidly evolving “Cloud” services, businesses now more than ever need to understand what Cloud services they are paying for.  Cloud is a term that is beginning to encompass more and more services.  For example, some entry level pricing for Cloud is merely “Hosting” – remember that old term from days long ago? Hosting […]

The advantages of using DotNetNuke

As far as automated content management systems go, DotNetNuke has earned a reputation for being one of the most widely-used web frameworks available on the internet. The hype surrounding the CMS is deserved since it offers a uniquely comprehensive and user-friendly experience. Small business owners, blog proprietors and new website managers alike are drawn to […]

Build Your Site with Windows Web Hosting

It is only natural, given how common the Internet is in our everyday lives, to want to set up your own website for either business or personal reasons. However, if it is your first time creating a website, then the process may seem a little daunting. There are two things that you need to do […]

Managed Servers: Choosing a Shared or Dedicated Server

There are two main options to consider when choosing between managed servers for your business. You have the option to select either a shared server or a dedicated server. These are exactly what they sound like: Shared servers are servers which host multiple websites, while dedicated servers are reserved for your use only. Each has […]

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