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The internet is a powerful invention, and the world has changed to accommodate it in a lot of ways. As tools like social media increase and technology gets better and more accessible via mobile devices, a web presence has become a requirement for those looking for jobs. If you are striving to make it in […]

WordPress Brute Force Attacks on the Rise

3Essentials intrusion detection mechanisms have had their “spider sense” tingling recently as a result of a significant increase in brute force attacks against WordPress sites in the past week. Enough so, we thought it prudent to sound a wake-up call for hosting customers using WordPress. What is a brute force attack? It’s where hackers use […]

Looking for an ASP.Net hosting that is suitable for you?

It is important for a business owner to have a good web hosting service. This type of internet hosting will allow him or her to make the business website accessible worldwide through the World Wide Web. It is therefore important for a business owner to employ the services of a well-renowned and reliable web hosting […]

All Windows 8….All week! Helpful Hints for Users

Last week Windows 8 was launched by Microsoft. This week users are trying out all of the features and learning how to navigate through this overhauled software. We are here to help! 3essentials believes in breaking down technology to help everyone understand and use it. Let’s start by answering a few basic questions. Q. There […]

Windows 8 has been Released! What to know. What to use. What’s the big deal!?

Microsoft has outdone themselves with the newest version of Windows. Windows 8 is brand new image of Windows. The App driven screens, amazing graphics, clear picture and new interface make Windows 8 much prettier to look at and much more user friendly.

Microsoft sighted connectivity, the Cloud, mobile PC’s and the change in the use of computers when discussing the influences over the vision and inspiration that went into creating Windows 8, a process that began in 2009. When older versions of Windows were released the use of computers was more application based – word processing and programs were the center of activities being performed. In the recent years, social networking sites have become so much more prevalent, and the main sources of many people’s online activity. Also, the tablet and iPad have changed the way people connect – now there is no end to the places we are getting online with Wi-Fi available almost everywhere.

In thinking about those changes and anticipating a continued movement towards users wanting a specifically tailored operating system, the following features are now available.

  1. Windows 8 enhances the use of a PC and changes it to work much more like a device.
  2. The entire tiles system that was developed for Windows 8 allows for interaction between the different applications. If a user is on Skype, they can access their photos tiles or travel tiles for itineraries. Any application in Windows 8 can share, pick from and save to another.
  3. Family Safety has always been a big concern to parents. In Windows 8, parents can add their children as users and weekly check out their PC usage – which pages they visited, how frequently.
  4. The application tiles have rich colors and graphics and enlarge to fit the entire screen, getting away from the “window” look of the past. The tiles also are purpose built and scenario specific.  BING has created News, Sports, Travel, Finance, Weather and Maps apps for Windows 8. There are also Mail, Photo, Travel and Video apps among many others.
  5. The tiles in Windows 8 are “Live.” When users get a notification on Facebook or Tweets on Twitter, they automatically are generated in the tiles. Swiping the edges of each individual tile will bring up menus: the right being system settings, left is switch between other open application and the bottom brings up a list of all open applications.
  6. Users are on the go. This was a big influence in the design of Windows 8. Microsoft took that into consideration and Windows 8 allows users to connect wherever they sign in. Photos, documents, application features, they can all be reached when users sign in.


All of the changes have drastically improved Windows, and the new version, which runs the newest version of Internet Explorer, have made for a more streamlined, user friendly approach. There is still the old screen set up available, without the Start button. Users who need time to adjust can take it, but in the end Windows 8 is for everyone!

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