CentOS 6 Keepalived Script Enhancements

Keepalived is a robust load balancing and high availability solution for Linux distributions.  An update has been released that improves upon keepalived’s scripting capabilities. Excerpt from redhat errata website… “This update creates a new directory, /usr/libexec/keepalived/, in which the user can place scripts executable by the keepalived service. These include both tracking scripts and notification […]

New! Affordable Low Cost SSD Servers

Only $4 Per Month Today 3essentials announced a new affordable low cost SSD Server.  For only $4 per month our Cloud Customers can deploy a Server based on our SSD Cloud Storage.  The server comes with 512 MB RAM, 1 Core Processor, and a Whopping 20 GB of SSD Cloud Storage. Our goal with this […]

Rethink Your ASP.NET, DNN or WordPress Website Backups for 2015

When thinking of a ASP.NET Website and how to maintain good backups, the platform you choose is key to the success of rock solid backups and restores.  We will examine three different platforms and their PRO’s and CON’s for backups. “Cloud Snapshots provide the best mixture of disaster recovery and timely restores from a snapshot.” […]

WordPress Backup to Dropbox – UpdraftPlus

Backup your WordPress site/blog to Dropbox.  Why?  Because, things just go wrong sometimes and having a backup is a safety net.  Thankfully backing up WordPress to Dropbox is easy to setup and maintain, thanks to UpdraftPlus. I recommend going ahead and logging to your Dropbox account in your browser, then open a new tab and […]

Deploying a WordPress SSD Cloud Hosting Template

When you initially purchase a WordPress SSD Cloud Hosting Plan, the WordPress installation and configuration is done for you.  However, if you want to re-deploy your template again, it’s easy to do so and here are the steps.Start by re-installing your cloud server in vPanel ( vPanel Select your Cloud Server and click the Manage […]

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