How to access your cloud server with Root or Admin Credentials

Windows Cloud Servers HOW TO START RDP ON A PC (XP/VISTA/7/8) – From your Windows 7 desktop, Click the Start button – Click the “Run” menu option – type ‘mstsc’ (without the ‘ quotes) and press ENTER on your keyboard – Enter your Server Name, username and password (listed above).  Note:  You may be prompted […]

Setting file/folder permissions from Plesk control panel for Windows

Fully Managed Windows VPSWe manage the server components around your website so you can focus on your business.View Customer Managed Plans Managed One$49.99MonthlyYearly Save 10%30 Websites* 60 GB SSD Storage 2 GB RAM 1 CPU Core Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited MS SQL 2016 Express Full Details Order NowManaged 3G$69.99MonthlyYearly Save 10%Unlimited Websites* 80 GB SSD Storage […]

What is a HOSTS file and how do you edit it?

The HOSTS file on your Windows PC or MAC is used by the operating system as a place to lookup hostnames for IP addresses before checking DNS.  Let’s explain: When you need to go to, your computer needs to actually “resolve” that name to an IP address… i.e., what is the IP address of […]

How to add a DNS record in Plesk 12

Adding a DNS record in Plesk 12 can be completed in a few easy steps: 1. Login to the Plesk control. 2. Find the domain on which you’d like to add/alter a DNS record. 3. You may need to click “Show More” button in Plesk to see the full list of options under your domain. […]

How to rename a domain in Plesk 12

Changing the name of a domain in Plesk 12 can be completed in a few easy steps: Login to the Plesk control panel Select the subscription that contains the site you want to rename Click the “Open in Control Panel” link for that subscription Click on the “Hosting Settings” link next to the domain you’d […]

Domain Registration vs Transfer vs Delegation

DOMAIN REGISTRATION To get a site up on the Internet you first need to have your domain name (let’s say “”) registered with an Internet/Domain Name Registrar. “Registering” the domain name reserves it for your use (some people say you’re “buying” the name, but in reality, it’s more like leasing… it gets reserved for your […]

Easy DNN Installs

Installing DNN 7 can be streamlined to make the process faster.  In this article we will show how to install DNN using the Plesk App installer.  The one downside to the Plesk App installer for DNN is that DNN doesn’t package the latest version.  We will still use the installer to do the heavy lifting, […]

How to Install WordPress on Plesk 11.5 and Up

Installing WordPress 4.1 and higher on Plesk is really easy. Login to Plesk Click on your Domain Name Click on Applications You will see options to Install WordPress as well as manage current versions of WordPress.  Check out the video below!

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