Announcement! New Premium Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Solution from 3essentials


We originally posted this article in 2014 talking about the advantages of a single place for management of WordPress Sites.  Read full article below.  We have made enhancements to these plans since then and have seen an extreme amount of interest and adoption of these solutions.  Check out our plans here.

Original Article

You have 20 to 30 WordPress sites that you and your design agency manage.  Clients love your service, as you take care of their site updates, patches and customizations.  The objective of every business is to grow, and hopefully grow in a way that allows for expansion, and revenue growth.

A year later, you've grown.  Your base is up near 80 sites.  Staff has been added to support the increase in your customers - and revenue.  Oddly though, your costs have risen as well.  Sure you have more staff, but the staff is now spending more and more hours updating WordPress, patching it, patching plugins, dealing with site hacks and restoring web sites.

There is an easier way.  Introducing a new solution from 3essentials and Parallels Plesk 12.  WordPress Cloud Hosting that decreases management time by allowing you to upgrade WordPress web sites in batches, all at once - without logging into each WordPress portal!

Strong Site and Server Security

The new Security Core built into Plesk 12 provides server-to-site security and protection from malicious users and the most common website attacks. Security Core in Plesk 12 combines ModSecurity and Fail2Ban with Outbound Antispam and ServerShield tools allowing server-to-site security out of the box.

Automatically ban malicious users: Your web server is protected by Fail2ban, a popular intrusion prevention system, which detects suspicious activity and automatically blocks malicious users.

Prevent common website attacks: ModSecurity, a web application firewall, detects and prevents common attacks on websites and web applications like WordPress. [Note: ModSecurity is supported on the Linux OS only. Support for the Windows OS will be added as soon as ModSecurity is supported for IIS by their developers respectively.]

 Fight hackers, spammers and botnets: Automatically block hackers, spammers, botnets, and DDoS attacks with ServerShield by CloudFlare, which enables you to protect any website on your server with just a few clicks. ServerShield includes CloudFlare’s next generation CDN, which protects and accelerates any website online.

Protection from outgoing spam: Stop malicious mass-mailing web scripts and compromised customer accounts from email spam. Plesk 12 protects your server’s IP address from being blacklisted with adjustable outbound anti-spam controls that include granular reporting and real-time notifications.



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