Enhance Your Plan

With affordable upgrades and Add Ons

Add OnPricing
1 GB RAM$10 /m
1 CPU Core$20 /m
1 TB Bandwidth$10 /m
1 GB Storage - VPS$.50 /m
1 GB Storage - Shared$.99 /m
Unique Dedicated IP (Requires justification)$2.99 /m
SSL Certificate for one website:
www.domain.com (also covers domain.com)
or sub.domain.com (such as mail.domain.com)
$60 per year
SSL Certificate - WildCard:
*.domain.com (any sub domain is covered)
$199 per year
MS SQL Web Edition 4 Core License (2012/2014/2016)$25 /m
MS SQL Standard Edition 4 Core License (2016)$259 /m
MS SQL Enterprise Edition 4 Core License (2016)$949 /m
MS Office Pro Plus - Per User
*Requires RDP Cal for ea user
$15 /m
MS RDP - Per User$6.95 /m
1 AMP (208v)$35 /m
Website Down Monitor
Check every 20 minutes
$5 /m
Website Down Monitor
Check every 5 minutes
$9 /m
DNN CMS Install Learn MoreFree
WordPress CMS InstallFree
MailEnable Enterprise$74.99 /m + $99 Setup
SmarterMail Pro 250 mailboxes$19.99 /m
SmarterMail Pro 500 mailboxes$37.99 /m
SmarterMail Pro 1000 mailboxes$49.99 /m
SmarterMail Pro 2000 mailboxes$59.99 /m
SmarterMail Pro Unlimited mailboxes$79.99 /m
Plesk Web Pro VPS$15 /m
Plesk Web Host VPS$25 /m
cPanel/WHM$15 /m