All Windows 8….All week! Helpful Hints for Users

Last week Windows 8 was launched by Microsoft. This week users are trying out all of the features and learning how to navigate through this overhauled software.

We are here to help! 3essentials believes in breaking down technology to help everyone understand and use it. Let’s start by answering a few basic questions.

Q. There is no Start button! What do I do?

A. Don’t panic. Microsoft did away with the Start button in Windows 8. Navigation is possible through the new Metro design without it, but there are tricks.

To get past opening screen with a keyboard: Hit any key

To get past the opening screen with a touch screen: Slide finger up from                  bottom of the screen

To return to the tiled homepage with a mouse: Hover cursor to top right of                screen and slide down to the Start icon that appears.

To return to the tiled homepage with a touch screen: Swipe in from the right            edge.

To shut down with a mouse: Hover cursor in top right corner. Go to “Settings”          – “Power” – (Shut Down”

To shut down on a touchscreen: Swipe from the right edge, and choose                  “Settings.”

Q. Help! There is no Taskbar either!

A. Yes. Again, don’t panic. In Metro:

To see what programs are running with a mouse: Move the cursor to the top            left, and then down the screen.

To see what programs are running with a touch screen: Swipe in from the left          and then back out.

To close a program with a mouse: Moving the cursor is possible, but “ALT-              F4” works best.

To close a program in a touch screen: Swipe finger down from the top edge            which shrinks the program, and swipe down to the bottom edge to close.

*Hint* Swiping in form the left side allows users to jump between open tiles. This can also be done on a computer with the ALT-Tab command.

Internet Explorer got overhauled as Windows 8 did to mimic the operating system. There are a few tricks in using IE10.

  1. In Metro to see what pages are open, swipe your finger from the top of the page down and thumbnails will reveal themselves.
  2. In Metro, using a mouse, right clicking shows the user the open tabs.

Techie users will have no problem acclimating to the new way of using Windows. For all us other people, we need help in determining the new commands. Here are the two links we used to help you.

PC World’s Master Windows 8 Gestures

NBCNews Where Do I Click Again?

Check them out further and let us know on Facebook or Twitter what you think is the best new feature of Windows 8!

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