Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

As a leading provider in WordPress Hosting, our Web Professional Customers have come to expect a level of service that is second to none. Introducing the next level of WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting delivers ease of management of multiple WordPress sites. Each customer is placed on their own VPS for blazing fast WordPress performance. Start small, and only pay for what you need as your web site footprint grows. Systems are monitored and as you footprint grows, we expand your hosting, adding more cpu,ram or disk as needed. Stop overpaying and buying resources up front. Premium WordPress Hosting Video

WordPress Pro I
$30 /mo
WordPress Pro II
$40 /mo
WordPress Pro III
$60 /mo
Plesk 12 WordPress Toolkit
(Mass Management of WordPress Sites)
Plesk 12 WordPress Toolkit
(Mass Management of WordPress Sites)
Plesk 12 WordPress Toolkit
(Mass Management of WordPress Sites)
ServerShield CloudFlare CDN ServerShield CloudFlare CDN ServerShield CloudFlare CDN
Security Core with Monthly Updates Security Core with Daily Updates Security Core with Daily Updates
Plesk Web Pro Edition
Manage up to 30 Domains
Plesk Web Pro Edition
Manage up to 30 Domains
Plesk Web Host Edition
Manage Unlimited Domains
24/7 Monitoring
100% SLA Backed Uptime
24/7 Monitoring
100% SLA Backed Uptime
24/7 Monitoring
100% SLA Backed Uptime
1 vCPU/ 1GB RAM / 10 GB Disk
Easily grow your plan
Add more resources as needed
(See Add On's Below)
1 vCPU/ 2GB RAM / 20 GB Disk
Easily grow your plan
Add more resources as needed
(See Add On's Below)
1 vCPU/ 3GB RAM / 30 GB Disk
Easily grow your plan
Add more resources as needed
(See Add On's Below)
Order Order

ServerShield + Security Core Complete

Secure Your Infrastructure with the Plesk 12 Security Core

The new Security Core in Plesk 12 combines ModSecurity and Fail2Ban with Outbound Antispam and ServerShield tools allowing server-to-site security out of the box.

With the Plesk 12 Security Core on your servers you get:

  • Secure servers that protect against persistent attacks targeting known or newly discovered vulnerabilities
  • Increased uptime as malicious attacks against your servers are automatically blocked in real time
  • Cleaner IP addresses with outgoing spam protection preventing your servers from being blacklisted
  • Faster site performance and bandwidth savings with next generation CDN

About ModSecurity

ModSecurity is a web application firewall (WAF) designed to help detect and prevent common attacks on web sites and web applications.

Parallels partnered with the industry experts at Atomicorp to integrate their premium ModSecurity rules into all Parallels Plesk 12 editions. Atomicorp's ModSecurity rules are the oldest, largest, and most widely utilized commercial ModSecurity rules in the industry.

Note: ModSecurity is supported on the Linux OS only. Support for the Windows OS will be added as soon as ModSecurity is supported for IIS by their developers respectively.

About Fail2Ban

Fail2Ban is a service that scans log files and bans IP addresses that exhibit malicious behavior.

About ServerShield

Parallels partnered with CloudFlare to build ServerShield™, a complete security solution that enables server administrators and websites owners to protect and speed up any website with just a few clicks. ServerShield helps to block hackers, spammers, botnets, and DDoS attacks. In addition, it offers free and unlimited reputation monitoring by StopTheHacker. End-customers also get CloudFlare's next generation CDN, which brings content closer and faster to visitors where on average, a website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast and saves 60% of bandwidth. No configuration or setup is needed.

Plesk 12 WordPress Toolkit

Managed Multiple WordPress Installs from within Plesk 12. Send E-mail from WordPress to a remote email server on the internet or Purchase Business Email Hosting from 3essentials to securely send e-mail from WordPress.


  • Unlimited Domains & Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Run WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other popular apps
  • .htaccess support
  • PHP 5 Latest Stable Version
  • Perl, CGI
  • PHP FastCGI
  • AwStats web site statistics


Powerful MySQL Database Management. Create Databases and Database Users.


Backup your Websites and Databases using Plesk 12. Your Cloud Server is also backed up for disaster recovery, in the event a node crashes 3essentials can restore your entire Cloud Server. Should you need to restore site files, you can restore the entire site using Plesk 12.

Increase Resources As Needed | Add On's

Add On Monthly
RAM 1GB $8
Cloud Storage 1GB $2
Unlimited Domain Plesk 12 License $10
Unique Dedicated IP $6
Unique Dedicated IP w/ SSL Purchase $3
Web Site Change Monitor $9.95
Web Site Down Monitor $9.95


Q. Who manages and monitors my VPS server?
A. 3essentials manages the server.

Q. Is there any support included?
A. Our support includes restoring your VPS from backups if you need us to. We also support the entire Server platform such as Plesk, OS and Apache.
We are happy to assist with any support request on a best effort basis. Our staff has vast experience in hosting technologies.
We do not include support for WordPress Modules, or the WordPress Application configuration/GUI. Support for the WordPress Application is provided as fee based support on a best effort basis. If we can't fix it, we won't charge you. If it's a hosting issue, we won't charge you. Our hosting platform runs thousands of WordPress sites and we always support the latest stable release.

Q. Does the PLESK 12 Panel come installed?
A. Yes. We install the Panel, provide you customer level credentials to manage your WordPress web sites.

Q. Can I use 3essentials nameservers?
A. Yes. Your welcome email will include the nameservers to use. Your VPS will act as the Master name server that updates our slave nameservers.

Q. Does my VPS include Backups?
A. Yes. Review the Backup Section on this page.

Q. Does my VPS include Email?
A. Email is not included in these plans. All resources on your VPS are for hosting your Premium WordPress sites. Review our Business Email plans and let us host mail for you on our Managed Email Platform. Your WordPress websites can even connect to Business Email to send mail.

Business EMail with Premium AntiSpam - Optional

    Need Email Hosting as well? 3essentials Buisness Email can be added to your Managed Hosting Plan at very affordable rates. Email is hosted on a separate platform from your Managed Hosting. Buy as much as you need and only pay for what you use.
  • $2 per mailbox
  • 50 MB Message Size
  • 3 GB Storage for each mailbox - $1 per 1GB for extra mail storage
  • POP, IMAP & SMTP Support
  • Webmail - Access your email from a web browser!
  • Basic SPAM filtering using DNS PTR and Spamhause
  • Optional - Premium Anti-Spam from SpamExperts
  • Optional - Reduce Blacklists with a dedicated IP