Cloud Servers with Guranteed Memory

Experience the difference with 3essentials Guaranteed Memory and CPU Core assignment. Resources are reserved and more can be assigned when you need it. Manage your virtual server hosting by starting, stopping , restarting and even re-installing your virtual server all from within our vPanel web management portal (Demo). Create DNS records using our DNS service. Easily upgrade your virtual server when you need more resources. Choose from the most popular Operating System templates, including Windows 2012. CentOS Cloud ServersDebian Cloud ServersUbuntu Cloud ServersWindows Virtual Cloud Servers

vCPU Disk Transfer Monthly  
1 GB 1 Core 10 GB 1 TB $8 Order
2 GB 1 Core 20 GB 1 TB $16 Order
3 GB 1 Core 30 GB 2 TB $24 Order
4 GB 2 Cores 40 GB 3 TB $32 Order
8 GB 2 Cores 60 GB 4 TB $64 Order
10 GB 2 Cores 70 GB 4 TB $80 Order
12 GB 2 Cores 80 GB 4 TB $96 Order
16 GB 4 Cores 100 GB 5 TB $128 Order
20 GB 4 Cores 110 GB 5 TB $160 Order
24 GB 6 Cores 140 GB 6 TB $192 Order
32 GB 8 Cores 200 GB 6 TB $256 Order

Included Features and Resources
mysql server hosting Upgrades Need more resources? It's easy to upgrade your server as your business grows.
Apache web hostingApache web hosting OS Templates Install the latest Operating Systems from CentOS, Ubuntu to Windows 2012 with a click of the mouse.
Email hosting with webmail Manage Your Virtual Server Start, Stop and even Re-Install your server with our easy to use web panel.
Parallels Plesk or cPanel control panelControl Panel Choose between Parallels Plesk Panel or cPanel.
Virtual Cloud Server Hosting Redundant Cloud Raid Backed Hardware helps prevent data loss when a single drive fails.
High Performance Virtual Server Hosting Performance High performance servers, guaranteed RAM, Xeon CPU's, are what sets 3essentials apart from the competition. Start small and grow your server and services.
3essentials datacenters Datacenter 3essentials owned and operated datacenters are designed for reliability, dense cooling and easy expansion so your business can grow without restrictions.
DDOS Mitigation Services DDOS Mitigation 3essentials works tirelessly to thwart DDOS attacks.