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We will move your websites from your current provider to us for Free. Our hosting experts will move your websites to us. Moving your website and database can be quite a chore - So let 3essentials handle moving those pesky files for you. Free moves are only available for Managed Servers. 3essentials can only process one website move at a time. Please use the submission form below for one site move. Another site move request can be made after confirmation that all pending site moves have been successfully completed.

What we can move

Our platform runs that latest technologies. Some older stuff might not work so well. We've outlined what we can and cannot move below.


Any ASP.NET Website that can run on ASP.NET versions 3.5 - 4.5 and SQL Server 2012. Total Data transfer size up to 30 GB. If you have larger sites, please contact sales.

DNN version 6.0 or higher

We do not support moving DNN versions prior to version 6.0. We only provide MS SQL 2012 and ASP.NET versions 3.5 - 4.5. Total Data transfer size up to 30 GB. If you have larger sites, please contact sales.

WordPress Version 4.0 or later

Total Data transfer size up to 30 GB. If you have larger sites, please contact sales.

how it works

Follow the steps below to get started moving your site files

Step 1

Order new services
- Place an order for your new plan.

Step 2

Go to your current provider and ask for them to create a copy of your website files and database and zip them in a private directory where your FTP user can access them. FTP the Zipped files to a private folder on your new 3essentials Server.

Step 3

Fill out the form on this page - Once you have completed Steps 1 and 2 fill out the Site Move form. Provide us the zipped file names of the files to be restored.

Next Steps

  • Once you have completed all three steps we will send you a email ticket requesting your FTP credentials.
  • We will notify you once your site files have been restored to your new 3essentials server.

Moving Email

Currently we do not provide a service to move email messages.

We do have a procedure on how you can move your email messages from your old server to your new 3essentials server using a IMAP compatible client.

Moving Your Email



Site Move Form


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Tim is an incredible support service agent. He is extremely patient and willing to explain things. I learned a ton about setting up a website from him. He even helped me set up on a less expensive virtual server for running our simple business website that is even faster than the old Windows based one we were using. I really can’t say enough good things about the support I received from Tim. Thanks for everything!
Ed Alvarez (Posted on March 31, 2015)