SSD Cloud Servers

Many OS templates and 3essentials pre-built templates to choose from. 3essentials templates include Plesk or cPanel preconfigured to use our DNS. Manage your virtual server hosting by starting, stopping , restarting and even re-installing your virtual server all from within our vPanel web management portal (See Demo Below). Create DNS records using our DNS service. Easily upgrade your virtual server when you need more resources. Choose from the most popular Operating System templates, including CentOS 7, Debian, and Windows 2012.


High performance servers, guaranteed RAM, Xeon CPU's, are what sets 3essentials apart from the competition. Start small and grow your server and services.


Need more resources? It's easy to upgrade your server as your business grows.


Grow your business. High performance cloud platform that scales as your business grows. Reliable SLA backed services. 24/7 Support.

SSD Storage

SSD Enterprise storage delivers blazing fast data access. SSD Storage is configured for redundancy using best RAID practices.

Linux Distros

LAMP, CentOS, Ubuntu, Plesk 12, cPanel. Easily deploy the most popular Distros. Use our Pre-configured Distros our build using a bare OS.

Windows Distros

Windows 2012 R2, 2008 R2, MS SQL 2014-IIS8-ASP.NET Distro, Plesk 12 - Easily deploy the latest in Windows technologies

1 Core of 3 GHZ1 GB10 Gb1 TB$8 /m
1 Core of 3 GHZ2 GB20 GB1 TB$16 /m
1 Core of 3 GHZ3 GB30 GB2 TB$24 /m
2 Cores of 3 GHZ4 GB40 GB3 TB$32 /m
2 Cores of 3 GHZ8 GB60 GB4 TB$64 /m
2 Cores of 3 GHZ10 GB70 GB4 TB$80 /m
2 Cores of 3 GHZ12 GB80 GB4 TB$96 /m
4 Cores of 3 GHZ16 GB100 GB5 TB$128 /m
4 Cores of 3 GHZ20 GB110 GB5 TB$160 /m
8 Cores of 3 GHZ32 GB200 GB6 TB$256 /m


Snapshots of your cloud server are taken nightly in the event of a host node crash. Optional Managed Backup services are available to backup your guest on a file level basis. Pricing starts at $10 per month plus $.50 per 1GB of backup storage.

Start, Stop and Restart

Full control to recycle your cloud server

Reinstall Your OS

Trash can your old OS and start over quickly and easily

Cloud Distros

Choose from many prebuilt stacks of OS and web applications, such as LAMP stacks